Acca Kappa

Acca Kappa is a selection of perfumes inspired by essences of Italy’s historic gardens, accompanied by a range of the finest grooming products for men.

Acqua delle Langhe

Alberto Avetta has always had a passion for perfume. With determination, enthusiasm, and boldness in 2012 he founded the company, registered the trademark, and created the first three fragrances – Cannubi, Arborina, Villero – that in less than two years became eight.

Acqua di Genova

Acqua di Genova was created in 1853 for the Royal House of Savoy by the famous Genoese distiller and perfumer Stefano Frecceri. This fragrance quickly became an indispensable part of the morning toilet of every important personality of the time.

Alberto Voglio

Alberto Voglio is a fourth-generation tailor as his family has been in the business since 1907. That would be nothing if he did not actually honour this tradition by pursuing it. Family tradition may be an empty marketing tool for some brands. For others, it is the true backbone of their business.


Amouroud is a new fragrance brand. The earliest edition was created in 2016 and the newest is from 2019. Amouroud fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Cecile Hua, Patricia Choux, John Mastracola, Claude Dir, Ilias Ermenidis, Irina Burlakova, Jerome Di Marino and Angelique Nadau.

Antica Barbieria Colla

In Milan, Italy, over a 100 years ago, the barbers of the city paid huge attention to detail and wished to give customers the best possible service, and Dino Colla’s establishment was no exception. Men could go there for a treatment that included the full service of a haircut, trimming the mustache, or shaving the beard, followed by a hot towel. To put this high-quality experience in a bottle, a collection of aftershave, beard oil, shampoo, and soaps for skincare was created. The collection was well received by the world, and the barbershop, which has been standing in the same spot since it was opened in 1904 and is now known as Antica Barbieria Colla, continues to sell those superior products to this day.


Assouline is the most important luxury publisher in fashion, design, travel and lifestyle.


Atacama project was started by two Italian entrepreneurs, Daniele and Alice, in late 2017, combining a vintage taste for motorcycles, street culture and Italian tailoring tradition, with a modern take on production and product development.

Barbarulo Napoli

The “Barbarulo1894 Napoli” company, whose actual core business is focused on the handcrafted production of cufflinks, in March 2012 it was totally renewed by the artistic talent of Cristiano Barbarulo, the latest of the descendants of this family of jewelers, finding immediate success and appreciation not only from Italian clients but also internationally.

Biagio Santo

At Biagio Santo everyone has a role, a specific specialization, through which it is possible to render the product unique both in it’s finishing and precious workmanship. All items are entirely handcrafted and the manufacturing process is linked to the sartorial traditions of Italy. Although every step of production is carried out by a different person, entirely by hand, the manufacturing process has a thread of continuity. Giving each production step to a different person means that each tailor or seamstress is the guarantor of the next step, and with their personal touch and point of view contribute towards improving the product, giving it value and character.

Bois 1920

Italian perfume house Bois (pronounced “boyce”) 1920 was founded in 1920 by Guido Galardi. Galardi’s first formulas were based around the lavender collected from the hillsides surrounding Florence. The original company was short-lived, closing its doors in 1925.


Casamorati is a collection of vintage fragrances, inspired by the ancient art of Italian perfumery. The brand recreates the history of glorious house of fragrances founded by Claudio Casamorati in Italy in the 19th century, with the intention of safeguarding the historical and artistic heritage of the glamorous Art Nouveau era and introducing it to the international scene.


This unique story began in 1760. A pair of scented leather gloves was delivered to King George III by a new London tailoring company. Founded by James Henry Creed in the same year as the young King’s accession, the House of Creed has created fragrances for the discerning and the discriminating for over 260 years.

Ducal Firenze

The collection of Ducal hand-crafted shoes for men and women, using the highest quality leathers and made with extreme care, boasts seventy years of tradition and artisanal workmanship. At the beginning of the 1930’s, Angiolo Manetti opened his first shop (known as an Italian “bottega”) of hand-crafted shoes in Florence, Italy, near the banks of the Arno river. Soon after, in 1937, not far from his original shop he founded the shoe factory Ducal,  which is still, to this day, the headquarters for the company.

Edward Green

Cut by hand from the world’s finest leathers, each pair of Edward Greens is made in their Northampton workshop according to the same principles that have guided them for over a century.
Crafted and honed with unerring attention to detail their shoes embody the timeless elegance of quintessentially English style. The quality of a shoe starts with the quality of its components. They select the finest French and Italian calf, and hand-finish the skin upon the last, giving an Edward Green shoe its signature antiqued patina. EG soles are oak bark tanned for nine months imbuing an unrivaled comfort & durability.
A shoe takes its form from the last upon which its made – and from the classic 202 to the chiseled 890, their lasts have been developed over time for their distinguished profiles and the comfort of their fit.
And for them  ‘craftsmanship’ is more than a slogan. It’s the mastery of techniques passed through the generations, ensuring each shoe is made to the same exacting standards. From the hand cutting of the calfskin to the bevelling of the waist, it may take more time and it may take more effort but it’s this commitment to meticulous detailing that makes for a shoe of real quality and character.


Etat Libre d’Orange is an ambitious, audacious perfumery — passionate, exuberant, liberated. Free to create. Free to love and be loved. This is a different kind of perfumery – intelligent, with a point of view.

Faggioli Atelier

Faggioli Atelier is an artisan studio modeled after a dedicated and sound reputation in the luxury leather sector with a desire to bring forth the same work ethic to the finished product; meticulous attention to detail and the selection of the finest exotic materials in the world. A prestigious and exclusive collection of luxury accessories destined for the men’s luxury world – complete with footwear, bags and small leather goods – strictly produced in Italy by qualified artisans that represent the excellence in our field.

FPM Milano

In 1946, Mr. Enrico Fremder opened a factory called “Fabbrica Pelleterie Milano” on via Tito Vignoli in Milan.  From the beginning, the spirit and soul of that small factory aspired to show the entire world the beauty of Italian design and craftsmanship.

Frapin Perfumes

Ginosa, Italy is best know for its Gravina, an archaeological formation of ravines, with caves and churches carved into the rocks, neighboring Madera, the town where the cruxification scene for the film Passion of Christ was shot. Like a hidden gem worthy of the title, there is no direct flight, train or bus to the hometown of Angelo Inglese of G. Inglese. The latter was raised in a family of tailors, his grandmother made shirts in the 1950’s and passed on the craft to his father and ultimately Angelo.


Grace is the symbol of classic design and timeless style. True craftsmanship as it’s best.


Kilian Hennessy, born into one of France’s most illustrious dynasties in fine liquors, translates sensibility and vision inherited from his ancestors into the realm of perfume. A culture of pursuing ultimate luxury and his audacious, rule-breaking approach define his namesake brand: KILIAN.


Guglielmo Miani Sr. begins his tailoring business in Milan in 1922. Creativity and determination soon enable him to emerge and dress artists, literates, politicians and entrepreneurs. Among many of the famous customers were Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, Totò, Fausto Coppi, Walter Chiari, Gino Bramieri and Giuseppe Capogrossi, just to name a few. In 1936, the company experiences an exponential growth when it starts to produce rain coats, along with tailor-made suits. During these years English trenches start to be in vogue. The name of the company is inspired to the raincoat itself. The unmistakable logo sewn onto each Larusmiani garment is the seagull, Larus in Latin, chosen for its waterproof plumage and the values ​​of freedom and independence that it embodies.

Lou di Lo wooden eyewear

After two years of constant experimenting and testing their wooden eyewear is proudly presented as a premium brand in wood handcrafted eyewear. Every piece of wood used in the production of sunglasses and optical frames is carefully selected by hand to make sure that it will give the stability and unique look to every single piece of wooden eyeglasses. Every pair goes through a long process of designing, shaping, and finishing before it reaches the client.

Merola Gloves

Merola is one of Italy’s finest artisanal workshops, creating handmade gloves for the past three generations. With the finest cashmere linings and soft leathers of all varieties, they will keep you warm and elegant even in the coldest days of the year. Merola gloves guarantee the traceability of genuine 100% Made in Italy products and raw materials. Every product reflects this philosophy and reveals the intrinsic implication that the artist’s touch makes his work unique.


With the opening of NICOLAÏ PARFUMEUR-CREATEUR in 1989, Patricia de Nicolaï and her husband Jean-Louis Michau took an audacious gamble by creating, signing and selling her own perfumes. The era of the auteur in the perfume business hadn’t yet arrived, and being a ‘nose’ (professional perfumer) was primarily a man’s role.

Nobile 1942

The year was 1942. With the war at his doorstep, a man decided to start a new business at the nerve center of a nation in turmoil: Rome.

Officina delle Essenze

Since its birth, sixteen years ago, Officina delle Essenze has been synonymous with craftsmanship and luxury as well. It’s a family-owned company which creates with the same Italian know-how that set the made in Italy unrivaled in the world.


Luxury is emotion. Wearing an exclusive accessory fulfills the desire to feel different and unique, on the one hand the object becomes part of one’s self and, on the other, the object speaks and communicates about the personality of the wearer

Panama 1924
Panama 1924 is an old perfume house. The earliest edition was created in 1924 and the newest is from 2020. The nose who worked on the fragrances is Maurizio Cerizza.
Pasotti 1956

Ernesta Pasotti started in 1956 with her handmade umbrellas, she sold them in rush hour, at a traffic light. Nowadays the Italian family company belongs to the best umbrella builders in Italy and also makes cheerful rain hats, shoe horns and stroll canes. Whether it’s for rainy day or sunny weather, for daytime or a gala-concert, there is a Pasotti umbrella for any occasion! An Italian Pasotti umbrella for women and men who love style! Luxury, exclusive fabrics, decorations and handles of calf leather or massif wood. A Pasotti umbrella is strong-wind-proof!

Privato Gioielli Firenze

Founded in Florence in 2014 by the well-known designer & artisan Ghazaleh Lebaschi.

Profumi del Forte

Designer Profumi del Forte has 23 perfumes in our fragrance base. Profumi del Forte is a new fragrance brand. The earliest edition was created in 2008 and the newest is from 2019. Profumi del Forte fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Bertrand Duchaufour, Arturetto Landi and Maria Candida Gentile.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren started The Ralph Lauren Corporation in 1967 with men’s ties. At 28 years-old, Lauren worked for the tie manufacturer Beau Brummell. He persuaded the company’s president to let him start his own line. Drawing on his interests in sports, Lauren named his first full line of menswear “Polo” in 1968.

Restelli Guanti

It was 1920 when my grandfather and grandmother approached the retail world right next to Milan’s Duomo. There they produced tailored gloves according to wishes and tastes of every single customer. At this time gloves were a symbol of elegance and sophistication, an indispensable accessory to wear in all occasions. Piero Restelli soon understood that his passion, the research of the best and most precious leathers and a deep respect for handcraft production were only the beginning of a long successful journey that would reframe the glove industry.

Rivolta Milano

It all began with the first atelier, opened by Enrico Rivolta in 1883 in Via del Gesù, Milan. Calzoleria Rivolta soon made a name for itself, thanks to its exquisitely handcrafted bespoke shoes, using the most refined cobbling techniques.

Robert Piguet Parfumes

The perfumes of the “prince of fashion”

Since the early twentieth century Robert Piguet has been a realm of elegance , high fashion , high quality and sophisticated style . Its fragrances tell fascinating stories of places and distant times, they are immortal classics , appreciated for their provocative allure and strongly distinctive character .

Roberto Ugolini perfumes

Roberto Ugolini’s perfumes are timeless, unique, and tasteful. Wearing one of them is like choosing to wear a hand-made leather shoe or a bag made by the hands of a Florentine craftsman, each detail reflective of long hours of loving labor and respect for history and tradition. These scents emphasize rather than compete with their wearer’s personal identity and their desire for individuality.

Rose of Manchester

A story, its perfume, a timeless symbol

A fragrance that comes from the story of a man, on the one hand represents his heroism, his grit and his typically British class, on the other the sweetness of his feeling towards his daughter.

Rosendo Mateu Perfumes

Rosendo Mateu is the living image of a self-made man, this is reflected in his work and especially in its perfectionism that touches each of his creations. For 40 years, Mateu has been one of the specialists at Puig, one of the world’s most prestigious perfume companies. During that time he has developed dozens of fragrances, which carry his personal signature and the ambition to achieve a combination of commerciality together with the creation of a unique product.

Santillo 1970

Shirt maker  – was founded in 1970 as the result of a strong passion for handmade shirt which has been handed down from generation to generation.


Santoni is perhaps the greatest RTW shoe brand in Italy today, with a dedicated following among menswear connoisseurs around the world. With exceptional quality, avant-garde designs, and excellent patinas they make some of the most beautiful shoes on the market.




Sospiro is inspired by the timeless beauty and the sophistication of classical music and lyrical opera. It is the harmonious synthesis between the rarest raw materials and the most refined and exciting vibrations. Its collections encapsulate all the prestigious and millenary Middle East heritage and the most excellent Italian creativity in perfumery art, to reach unique, luxurious and passionate olfactory experiences

Stefano Bemer

Stefano Bemer had a passion for shoes that will likely never be matched.  Stefano not only strived to make the perfect shoe but was also deeply committed to teaching the art of shoemaking to others. His styles and lasts are quintessentially Italian with his own twist.  After Stefano’s passing in 2012 the company was purchased and now run by Tommaso Melani who expanded the company’s offering to ready to wear shoes. Stefano’s legacy lives on with the company that bears his name and a shoe school in Florence that continues to teach this dying art to others.

Stubbs & Wootton

Stubbs & Wootton produces bespoke and ready-to-wear luxury slippers. We celebrate a lifestyle that surpasses elegance. Vanguards In the renaissance of the iconic slipper. Revel in and endeavor your fantasy. Proper, handmade – genuine slippers. The original. Arbiter elegante.

Thames & Hudson

The world’s great publisher of illustrated books on Art, Architecture, Design, Photography, Fashion, Lifestyle, Music, History.

Tiziana Terenzi

Tiziana Terenzi is a family story, a three generation passion about creation, craftsmanship and candles. Tiziana and Paolo have decided to create this new fragrance range as a tribute to their father. They naturally get their inspiration from fire, the fire of candles.


Born one hundred years ago, in 1920, in Valsesia, where the Toscanini family, which originated in the Piacenza Apennines, put down their roots in the early 1900s.

Viola Milano

Viola milano was founded in Milan, born to create and design the world’s most timeless, elegant and understated luxury collection of handmade men’s ties and accessories


XERJOFF is a Turin based Perfume House fully dedicated to luxury fragrance. Xerjoff is an olfactory exploration of the art of perfumery. A fusion of mans ability to create and natures ability to provide. Only few creations have ever been able to successfully merge the two together, one of which is Xerjoff perfumes. Through years of development, XERJOFF has gained strong alliances with many renowned Italian artists who collaborate closely to create the rare and precious art pieces. International and Italian noses, painters and sculptors, jewellery designers and glassblowers, diamond cutters and wood engravers work in harmony to create the precious scents.